China; 06, May 2015: In order to fuel the growth of the advanced construction, mining and the road equipment sector, CATSON INT'L COMPANY keeps innovating and introducing new products. Their new generation excavator seals and hydraulic seals are perfect to be used in heavy duty applications to ensure a great performance.

The company introduces excavator seal kits, designed to meet the requirements of the soil and mining excavation sectors. Ensuring a greater strength and durability of the machines used in the excavation, the sealing kit ensures a higher level of productivity. With a new-found rigorous structure because of the seals, the machines could be used for rigorous mining of granite and stones in tough operating conditions.

CATSON INT'L focuses on the quality of its products in order to offer satisfying results to its customers. This is the reason why the company invests significantly in designing and developing new solutions to meet the high-performance requirements of the companies. The new excavator hydraulic seals, with an optimized design, allow machines to operate easily in highly demanding operating conditions. Companies can take advantage of the high efficiency and low energy consumption because of the excellent performance of the hydraulic seals.

Customers can always rely on the Komatsu seal kits available with the company, which can maximize the operational efficiency of machines in a low-noise environment. With a lower emission and less vibration, the machines can perfectly match the requirements of a hydraulic control system for a stable performance. With these benefits, a customer can rest assured of a better precision and a better efficiency for a flexible operation to achieve a greater output.

According to the spokesperson, the company pursues the vision of maintaining durability, safety and efficiency in heavy duty industries and comes out with sealing kits and other products, featuring the latest technology. Being one of the fastest growing companies in its niche, CATSON INT'L introduces quality and high-performance products to meet the requirements of the mining and construction industries. To learn more about its products and features, one may visit the website


CATSON INT'L is one of the largest producers of hydraulic seals and other products to be used in the construction, mining and other heavy equipments. All products ensure high performance and durability allowing machines to deliver a better result in a noise-free and low-emission environment. The company has been providing high quality products for the past several years to enhance the performance of its client companies.

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