Oriental rugs make a great floor covering no matter where they are located in the house

May 17, 2019; Charlotte, NC – Cheap area rugs have become a popular decorating tool in homes around the United States. Homeowners have found rugs are a great colorful way to jazz up rooms throughout the home. From bedrooms needing a splash of color to kitchens lacking soft carpeting, cheap area rugs have changed the way homes look.

According to Rug Source, the Internet’s leading rug seller, items such as Oriental rugs are versatile and give a room a completely different look and feel. The addition of a rug can provide a home with a low-price decorating option. Rather than painting the walls, laying down new carpeting, or purchasing new furniture, the addition of Oriental rugs can makeover a room.

“We talk to home decorators all the time about the latest trends,” a Rug Source spokesperson said. “They always take about just how dynamic cheap area rugs are and the way they go with so many homes’ interiors.”

The color and designs of a rug can be selected to either blend in with an existing decorating motif or to stand out. Rug Source states homeowners can decide whether they want to make a statement with a bold rug or a more subtle one with a piece that matches the colors of the existing room.

Area rugs can be used in all rooms of the house. In addition, homeowners can use them on top of wood, tile, or carpeted flooring. Thanks to the low pile of Oriental rugs, they can even be used under furniture without marks being left behind.

The great thing about rugs are the prices vary. Individuals can purchase a great looking rug for very little. However, those willing to spend more can always find more expensive, elaborate pieces to put in their homes.

Oriental rugs are one of the top-selling styles of rugs on Rug Source’s website. The company works with manufacturers and distribute authentic rugs to customers across the US.

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