United Kingdom; 7/30/2014: With people becoming increasingly aware of the ill effects of smoking raw tobacco, there is a boom in the e cig industry. More number of smokers are opting for e cigarettes for the simple reason that it is far less damaging than regular cigarettes. The tobacco content in the e cigs is far less than that contained in the regular cigarettes. These have been designed in a way such that they feel more like regular cigarettes. There are a number of advantages that e cigs have over ordinary cigarettes. The e cigarettes work on e liquid vapors that are available in different flavors. Cigtronica offers a complete collection of electronic cigarettes from various manufacturers. The online store also offers a vast collection of e cig accessories along with a variety of e liquid vapors. The e liquid vapors available on the online store can be selected from a vast number of flavors offered. 

It is difficult for smokers to get rid of the habit of smoking. E cigarettes are a safer substitute for they offer the same pleasure as traditional cigarettes but are less harmful than the latter. The most important feature about the e cigs is that these offer a variety of flavors in the e liquids that these make use of. As opposed to the traditional cigarettes that are limited to a handful of flavors, the e liquid vapors come in hundreds of different flavors. Cigtronica offers a complete selection of wholesale e liquid available in different flavors. The electronic cigarette allows mobility so that the user can carry it anywhere. 

The online store offers the wholesale e cigs and accessories for smokers. They offer different kinds of accessories that include designer and fashionable e cig cases, peel off stickers for the e cigs, batteries, atomizers, and all that are needed to complete the smokers kit. The online store offers branded products at wholesale prices, picking them up directly from the manufacturer. The most relieving feature of the e cigarettes is that they do not require the smokers to take inhale tar unlike that in the regular or traditional cigarettes. The nicotine hit is experienced quickly in the e cigs offering the smokers the pleasure of smoking as they vape. 

The different kinds and flavors of e liquid available on the online store offer quality smoking experience. The e cig offers a pleasurable vaping experience with the e liquids. These e cigarettes are cheaper than the regular or traditional cigarettes when considered according to the overall cost. 

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Cigtronica is an online store that offers a vast collection of e cigarettes that are brought directly from the manufacturers of the products. The online store also offers e liquids and other accessories for e cigarettes. For more information visit the online store.