Clean Air Houston Pro provides top-notch service for vent cleaning both for residential and commercial buildings. The company proposes households to clean their vent to prevent virus and bacteria spread.


Houston, TX, March 18, 2020 - Clean Air Houston Pro, an air duct cleaning Houston TX proposed to households to regularly clean their vent to prevent virus and bacteria spread. “Commercial buildings need at least twice a year to be cleaned to ensure the air quality is at its best condition. Since there are various types of dust particles in the air duct, it is essential to regularly clean it up.” said the marketing manager.

Besides cleaning houses, Clean Air Houston Pro also provides services for commercial buildings. 

The team would come up with professionals with experience in the field. The equipment used is sophisticated and effective to improve the air quality in a commercial building.


Other than cleaning the air duct, the team has also been trained to take care of the vent cleaning Houston. This part requires to be cleaned at least once a year. The team can arrange the time to clean and perform regular maintenance to the dryer vent. This part may be clogged for many reasons. Before the team does perform the job, they will assess the problem and then figure out the next step to take. The service is available for one call away.


Another service offered by Clean Air Houston Pro is the water damage restoration. This issue may occur unexpectedly at an unexpected time. Disaster could lead a building to this situation and a team of professionals would be needed to take care of this issue. Other than air duct cleaning near me, Clean Air Houston Pro is designed to deal with this kind of unfortunate situation. All it takes is one phone call and the receptionist will set an appointment for you and the team.


“Calling and making an appointment with a technician has never been this easy. I called the receptionist and she gave me detailed information before setting me an appointment with the team. The team is also helpful and knowledgeable. All the people who had been involved in this job delivered a well-done result. Clean Air Houston Pro is such a trusted and reliable service in Houston,” said Sumiyyah who has used the service from the company.


“I have allergies to dirt and it turned out was caused by the air duct I never cleaned. I called Clean Air Houston Pro and the team came to help me clean up the vent, filters, and air duct. After that, my allergies got better. Clean Air Houston pro is a perfect service for both residential and commercial buildings,” said Abdul, a customer of the company.


About the Company

Clean Air Houston Pro is a local company that will maintain the air quality in living space.

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