We have 2 different project of Dukedom Grand Dollar

First is the Reserved Federal of GOV IUKAC with your banknote Dukedom Grand Dollar and the Cryptocurrency Dukedom Grand Dollar.

Both have the same value and are completely separate.

This token is available in Waves platform exchange.

We have 2 different tokens

GOV IUKAC Empire Cryptocurrency and Dukedom Grand Dollar Cryptocurrency in Waves platform.

This cryptocurrency have good value in the market and is a trusted currency.

We offer in Waves platform and over the counter.

First thing is open a wallet in Waves platform exchange

Waves platform exchange: https://wavesplatform.com

You can buy in the exchange or can contact us and we can sell over the counter.

All business want to make business with Dukedom Grand Dollar Cryptocurrency or Dukedom Grand Dollar Cryptocurrency can do it. Can sell and exchange.

All business have interest can accept our cryptocurrency is welcome.

Real state

Local businesses

Online business

All business is welcome.

GOV IUKAC Empire cryptocurrency is in Waves platform and is other cryptocurrency (GOV IUKAC Empire cryptocurrency also is available to exchange and negotiate.)

The value of GOV IUKAC empire cryptocurrency is 2.00 dollars by one GOV IUKAC empire cryptocurrency. You can buy and resales. Good market.

Dukedom Grand Dollar cryptocurrency

The value today is 2.53 dollars by one cryptocurrency.

Our currency money cryptocurrency is available in the market.

The banknote Dukedom Grand Dollar is other is quote in GOV IUKAC stock market and is a money currency to GOV IUKAC Empire & Union of Crown UK too.

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