While the COVID-19 pandemic forces countries to shut down one by one, the latest cryptocurrency unicorn in 2020 is soaring to 20 times its launch value in three months. Decurian (ECU), first sold at $5 USD per token during its pre-initial coin offering (ICO) last December, is now listed at over $100 USD within half a dozen cryptocurrency exchanges. “Iʼm excited at the listing of the Decurian token and amazed at the amount of support for the token at such uncertain times,” said founder Michael Chodorowski. ECU differentiates itself as a more reliable option to the volatile Bitcoin currently. The new token is also the designated token used by players on ECUʼs new gaming website meagainstu.com to issue challenges against each other on the outcome of a sport, e-sport, or video game. New gaming challenge site to launch undelayed Meagaintu.com remains on schedule to launch this spring while staff continues preparation work uninterrupted. “Iʼm very pleased with the progress on meagainstu the site,” Chodorowski said. “And I feel blessed that our team overseas has stayed safe in this incredible hard time in the world. “I hope everyone touched by this virus will come out the other end safe. The wealth made by the Decurian is right now not as important as the problems faced by so many people all around the world.”

Decurian ECU already enjoyed rapid growth in value before COVID-19 impacted businesses around the world. Five weeks after its pre-ICO launch last December, the gaming cryptocoin was sold out of its ICO supply of 15 million tokens with support from the investment community -- an interest not expected by ECUʼs team. ECU developers restricted registrants to 25 tokens in response to ensure tokens landing in the hands of gamers instead of investors.

Letʼs try again --- Decurians new cryptocurrency commits to gamers to further expand the challenge siteʼs accessibility to all players, ECU is developing a second token named Decurian ACE and priced at $1 USD with a 25-token limit. “We are getting ready to launch ACE to be that gaming token Decurian was meant to be,” said founder Chodorowski. “The value of Decurian will never change what we as a company focus on, which is a gaming experience with a monetized avatar. “Regardless of where Decurian ultimately settles in value, it will never change my commitment to the users of our tokens.”

ECUʼs team is now basing its operations in Singapore --- the city-state introduced this January the Payment Services Act that brings cryptocurrency services under the regulation of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. “We have currently retained counsel in Singapore to be the home base of Decurian as its crypto friendly and at the forefront of this sector,” Chodorowski said.
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