Dualsleep was launched because the founder was unable to find bedding that had been designed for couples with different needs. He wanted lightweight & cool bedding and his partner wanted thicker cosy bedding so sleep was always a compromise. Leaving one or both of them either too hot or too cold.

The Dualsleep duvet is manufactured so that one side is a cool 150 m2 fill for those that run hot and the other a cosy 500 m2 for those that like it snug making it perfect for couples. Made from high quality 100% bamboo fabric (300 thread count) that highly breathable, moisture wicking and very soft to touch.

Whether it is stress, sleep apnea or any other conditions arising out of low quality sleeping, all of these can be addressed with the Dualsleep duvet. It has been made with all these considerations in mind and is soon going to be one of the most sought after products.

Currently, there are several Duasleep duvets that are ready for distribution. All the funding is towards improving the momentum so that they can be introduced in the market. It is an amazing product to be a part of.

It is time to revolutionize quality of sleep!!! This product is unique and is meant to provide respite from the normal duvets that people are using across the globe. It is made from natural materials and hence, is environment friendly, too. Many people have remarked that they have to get up several times during the night because of feeling too warm or too cool and this Dualsleep is going to change all that.

The kickstarter campaign, located at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/734787638/dualsleep-is-a-half-cool-and-half-cosy-luxurious-d offers pledge levels ranging from AU$10 to AU$295 and more. The rewards for the pledges are attractive and include Dualsleep duvets of various sizes. The highest pledge gets a US king sized (264*299) duvet. For more information, visit the kickstarter page.

About Dualsleep

Dualsleep was formed early 2018 out of Sydney, initially as a kickstarter project aiming to reinvent sleep for couples. Creating duvets designed for couples that are half cool and half cozy helping people to improve the quality of their sleep.

Contact Person: Gavin Merriman
Company: Dualsleep
City: Sydney
State: New South Wales
Country: Australia
Phone: +61427 922 254
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://bit.ly/dual-sleep