As one of the UK's leading electric bike conversion kit websites they are part of a big campaign to encourage people to use this eco friendly mode of transport.

Electric bike conversion kits can help save you money and save the environment all in the one go! By converting your standard push bike to an electric or ebike you can go greater distances as you will have a pedal assist motor on your bike. This means that it is less effort to go a great distance and you can also tackle those inclines without any issue.

"By switching to electric bikes using an ebike conversion kit you will be cutting down on your own personal emissions. You will also save a fortune on your transport costs whether you currently drive to work or get public transport. Using an electric bike is free!" - Noted ebikeobsessed owner.

Ebikeobsessed is on the UK's leading electric bike enthusiast websites with thousands of readers from around the world so they know a thing or two about the benefits of using the electric bike.

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With thousands of readers here in the UK the ebikeobsessed website covers a multitude of ebike related information including ebike conversion kits, electric bike motors, ebike laws, safety and more.

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