SURF CITY, NJ - Eitner Education LLC, a leader in the educational consulting around the country, recently donated 72 boxes of food to those who are in hardship during the Coronavirus crisis. “It’s a no-brainer to me,”, Dr. Jay Eitner, Chief Education Officer of Eitner Education said. “We all need to come together to help others in these unprecedented times.”

All of the fees collected from a recent webinar and materials were collected and donated to Catholic Charities. In turn, Catholic Charities purchased enough commodities for 72 boxes of food, with each box containing a 2 week supply. Boxes were distributed throughout the Catholic Charities network and contained produce, milk, cheese, meat, snacks, and toiletries.

Since 2015, Eitner Education has been providing meaningful, affordable, and relevant professional development services in the education field. Eitner said most of his work focuses on Boards of Education, Superintendents, and central office administrators. Consulting services range from budget building to expert witness testimony. Eitner also provides free workshop materials on educational technology and allows numerous templates for school forms to be downloaded off of his website,

“We will get through this awful crisis together,” Eitner said. “We will grow, we will learn, and we will move onward.”

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