We have witnessed the skyrocketing effect of creativity on the internet lately. Certainly, the effects of quarantine and self-isolation have something to do with having various individuals, even groups of people, hold their concerts, painting classes, dancing lessons, narration performances, acting, teaching etc., but this article is about a phenomenon which we have not seen so far, the amount of attention that a small live English learning quiz show has garnered on Facebook.

With 3000 to 5000 views per live stream and around a 100 viewers watching the show at a particular point with many of them participating as contestants on the show this is something which has left us puzzled. Taking in consideration that no physical reward is given out, the following question can be raised - why are people participating? Henceforth, what is even more interesting, the participants come from all over the world. If you scroll through Facebook comment section you can see that the participations are equally enjoying this live small show from all over the world – there are contestants from Italy, South Africa, the United States, China, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Serbia all unified in their intent to guess the correct answer in English language.

If you want to check out this quite unusual phenomenon refer to this Facebook page www.facebook.com/konverzacijskiengleski where this quiz has been regularly held and try to find answers for yourself.

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