23, January 2017: Having a flexible and convenient way of daily commuting is no longer a dream as Airwheel R5 electric folding bike has better solved the problem of daily commuting for most riders. The excellent design style of Airwheel R5 citizen e-bike makes riding a completely new and wonderful experiences. With Airwheel R5, cycling is again becoming a new fashion for quality life.

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How wonderful it would be if people can commute daily with a take-away commuting tool that is small-in-size and light-weighted. Airwheel R5 electric folding bike such a breath-taking product that miraculously reshape the riding model and the collapsible R5 citizen e-bike provides the most flexible and convenient daily commuting way for Airwheel riders.


Airwheel R5 electric assist bike is considered as the “transformer bike” due to its foldability and the collapsible citizen e-bile can be taken away by riders easily in subway or public buses. R5 portable electric bike can be collapsed into much smaller sizes just within ten seconds because riders do not need to disassemble any components of R5. Riders can quickly finish minimizing the size of the bike by folding the four key parts only: main frame, pedals, rod as well as handles. After the shrinkage of the size, Airwheel R5 only occupies 0.2m³ and can be easily taken away by public transportation.


Airwheel R5 is definitely providing much more convenience and flexibility to people’s daily commuting as R5 electric assist bicycle is smaller-in-size and speedier compared with traditional bikes. People living in urban area are now able to plan their one-day traveling or commuting wisely with Airwheel R5. Instead of taking taxis or waiting for public buses, people can commute more efficiently and flexibly by making use of Airwheel R5. For instance, people can get rid of the traffic congestion by taking it into the subway and then commute immediately with the R5 when they go out the subway.

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Airwheel R5 is also working as a good helper for commuting in bad weather. The overcoat of the Airwheel R5 electric aided-bicycle is made from low-temperature varnish baking and the bodywork of R5 is resistant to rainwater, oil and dust, so the painting color of Airwheel R5 can be well reserved and riders can easily clean the bodywork.

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