Our Federal Reserve is online. About 10 nations in Africa and Asia have only online status. Our Federal Reserve works with Denarios. The Denario in this edition have the design of Dukedom Grand Dollars. Though, it is a different currency. In the next year we will change the design of Denarios.
The value of Denario is 1 Denario by 2.67 Dollars USA, while the Dukedom Grand Dollars value today is 1 Dukedom Grand Dollars by 2.57 Dollars USA. The IDWN and our monetary union organization worldwide international bank have different project with this currency. For now we don't have other nations in this project. But we believe that will change soon.

GOV IUKAC Empire has different projects. One of these projects is the government stakeholder for global health diplomacy. We will continue our education training so people can know more about this and can participate. The Government IUKAC Empire has the biggest currency of 100 million Dukedom Grand Dollars. This is a special banknote for only government use and we will approve 3 of this currency to donate to some foundation affiliate to other government to help and go in the market and in the global health diplomacy world. We want to donate 2 more but we work to make right contact with different foundations and coalition of philanthropy and government.

To begin participation for our currency, we will print 400 more currency in low amount of 20 Dukedom Grand Dollars, 100 Dukedom Grand Dollars, 500, Dukedom Grand Dollars and Denario in little amount. We hope before December we will have new currency. We want to help our economy and help international market. We don't use our currency for international purpose. Only in the country we decide use it. This currency banknote is for GOV IUKAC Empire & Union of the crown UK and kingdom of New Spain too.

We cancel the version of USA; the reason is we don't want conflict of interest with the US dollars. We stay complete independent. We begin a few business in international community accept our currency how acceptable method payment. We want negotiate with real state with this currency and on the internet. We believe establish success. We will continue share to little commerce, chamber of commerce, and other economic entity. The sovereign of King Ludwig is not game. We are not play. We do it to help our country. Design of Dukedom Grand Dollars we plan change for 2022. For now we use the same design.

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