USA -, an online store for Final Fantasy gaming freaks, recently announced that they also facilitate sellers now to sell their excess game currency for real cash. The owners expressed that this is an excellent earning opportunity for pro gamers who look to sell their FFXIV GIL currency and other gaming items online in a zero-hassle manner. They said that gamers are welcome to sell their currency through their online portal., known to its patrons for selling cheap FFXIV GIL gaming items and currencies, also aim to make every sale a win-win situation for its sellers too. The owners recently expanded on the selling process at a press conference and said that their aim is to help both buyers and sellers through their fast, effective and seamless trading platform.

As of now, sellers can sell their FFXIV GIL and other gaming currency through the online store. Independent sellers may also use their site for selling Final Fantasy XIV gaming equipment or items to them for hard cash. Also, if individual sellers feel, they can also exchange their FFXIV GIL on the site.

The owners also explained the benefits of selling FFXIV GIL though their website. “We can assure our sellers the highest offer price, regardless of what item or currency they are selling. Also, we pay instantly in major currencies such as GBP, USD, CAD or AUD once the delivery is initiated and completed from the seller’s end. We have been in this field for more than a decade and counting and we are one of the most trusted FFXIV4GIL traders online as well. On top of that, our live chat support team can help buyers and sellers whenever they face a problem”, said a senior executive of the e-store.

For selling their currencies and other items, as the owners indicated, the buyers need to first contact the live chat support team to get the initial offer. If they are satisfied with the offer, they need to contact the support team again to make a delivery and get paid in return. The owners maintained that they send payments instantaneously after the delivery is done.

About the Company is an online store selling FFXIV and FFXV gaming items.

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