Megan Zucaro has helped people her whole life and she has done everything in her power to make sure people have shelter food and clothes and now she is going to help more people after working with the Becerra family Yvonne and Peter in real estate.

She has decided to only work for GOD because greed makes people horrible and their Father Pedro has only helped them and bought them homes, cars and paid for their monthly living and after Meagn Zucaro has been attacked she has decided to work with people who have responsibility and do not use their 90 year old parents.

After her experience she is reaching out to jails, homeless families that need love and support and to find GOD. Family and friends were appauled after what Yvoone and Peter Becerra said regarding Megan Zucaro.

Megan said she forgives the kids Peter and Yvonne who are in their 50's but the slander will work through her Attorney