Holapick, a global online apparel store, offers two clothes sale events for half the end of 2020. They are the Flash Sale event and Halloween Sale events. The Flash Sale event offers free shipping bonuses for all items and orders to all countries, for orders above $79. As for the Halloween Sale, customers can use three coupon codes for free to get the discount for the items they bought at this store. These three codes provide $6, $15, and a $20 discount for all orders. The code for these discounts are available on the official website and online store of Holapick.


The spokesperson of Holapick said, “These two events will be the start of many events that our customers will get in the future. We want to keep our store becoming a comfortable place for all customers to get the fashion items they need without worrying about the budget. Besides our initial product prices that are affordable, we also give many discounts with it. Moreover, we also hold this event to attract more customers to come to our places and find out that this is the right destination for their shopping needs. We hope this event will become a great thing for our customers, as we always try to keep our customers satisfied.”


The Flash Sale and Halloween Sale events are two of many things that this store has to provide the best service for its customer. Other than those two, the customer also will get many privileges for their first time shopping at this store, such as the 5% discount for their first order.


Moreover, this store is also well-known for its collections of fashion items for women. The variety of items, starting from the top, bottom, footwear, and accessories, are all available in this store. They are all also fashionable and suitable for the latest trends. For more information about the dresses for sale and other products and the discount event, one can visit Holapick official website.


About Holapick

Holapick is a new online store specialized in providing the latest fashion products for women. This store also offers many discount events, such as Flash Sale and Halloween Sale events, and becomes the destination for shopping affordable yet trendy fashion items.