King Ludwig Falkenstein Sobieski is chief of dynasty Sobieski. House of Sobieski.
The house of Sobieski has legal rights to the house of Stewart. King Ludwig is chief of house of Stewart, the British royalty respect the house of Tudor to King Ludwig Falkenstein. King Ludwig Falkenstein don’t have any complain with that. And now is the chief of house of Tudor. We do it our kingdoms in our enclave nations and Sahara territory and our Archipelago in Oceania.

King Ludwig has created a few legal patent with the house of Tudor. And king Ludwig Falkenstein Hasburgo Tudor and your staff government create new coat of arm and running different house government.

We have right to a few king title of house of Tudor.

King of England
king of Ireland
king of France
A few new patent include
king Union of Crown UK
king of North Sea Empire
king of Scandinavia, and other title.
King of York
king of Camelot

We invite to join to house of Tudor UK and participation of our job.

The imperial house of Tudor of King Ludwig Falkenstein Hasburgo Sobieski Stewart Tudor De La Vega. has open doors to all people who want participation in our diplomatic work and kingdom work. Our government is absolute Monarchy .

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