Chocolate mantra launched a new range of chocolate truffles and designer chocolate bars for our Indian customers. There are as many as 30+ varieties of chocolate truffles from dark, milk, and white chocolates and about the same amount of varieties in designer chocolates.

Our specialized chocolate chefs have been busy in this lockdown to make the use of the idle time to the ideal team to discover new flavors of chocolates to our Indian customers. It takes a lot of time and passion to make any chocolate flavor which can be globally acceptable. We must say that innovative chocolate-making became a habit for us and we enjoy this habit to produce world-class chocolate in India.

We can say proudly that no Indian chocolate company is making such kind of exclusive range of chocolate truffles. Every chocolate truffle is made with pure cream and comes up with a great taste of the experience. We have chocolate truffles from the typical and old-style Almonds, cashew, etc and to a new Indian version of chocolate truffles like clove, cardamom, ginger chocolate truffles.

The designer chocolates are something unique chocolate experience in India. We want to make something more and add value to the chocolates. Every designer chocolate has exclusive ideas and we must say it is a chocolate art. These designer chocolates are good for birthday gifting, wedding anniversary gifting & to say thank you etc. We consider chocolate is not a typically sweet, it can be an amazing gifting idea. The way we make the chocolate and present makes it a beautiful gifting idea.

A brief about the company, it has been started in 2007 by married couple Mamatha and Srikanth, who have passion and curiosity about how the various varieties of chocolate are made in America and European countries. In India, we find very less varieties of chocolates but when we travel to the western countries we find a big menu. Chocolate Mantra started in India to introduce a new range of chocolates to Indian chocolate lovers.

Soon we are going to launch a new range of Bean to Bar chocolates. Whereas customers can customize their own chocolate bar as per their choice of Cocoa in it. There are many consumers who like to enjoy chocolate as per their choice and health benefits. This exclusive service is to bring that flexibility to make their own choice of chocolate bars. Stay tuned for this news, we are making our kitchen ready for the Bean to Bar.

Our chefs and product marketing experts are always busy in adding a variety of chocolates almost every month.

Visit our website for more chocolate gifting ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, Diwali chocolate gifts for individuals and corporates. Don't forget to check our delicious cream-based chocolate truffles, center filled caramel truffles, a wide range of chocolate bars, fruit, and roasted nuts based dark chocolates, sugar-free chocolates for diabetic and health-conscious customers.

For product inquiries please log on to our website or contact us at [email protected] | 7093 740321

We deliver chocolates all over India in max 1 to 5 working days by premium couriers such as Blue Dart / FedEx.

For product inquiries please log on to our website or contact us at [email protected] | 7093 740321