09, May 2015: What does it feel like to sit through a really boring presentation? Once it ends, it feels as if nothing was learned or no information was gained. This is the result of a boring and poor presentation. However, a good and strong presentation has the opposite effect on the audience. In order to deliver a message clearly and effectively, the presentation needs to be motivating and should be made in such a way that it captures the interest of the audience.

Focusky is here to make sure that it offers users a chance to create a presentation that is able to catch the attention of the audience. It is a free presentation software which gives users the opportunity to tell stories, share knowledge and to inspire the audience.

Focusky has a collection of pre-designed templates and themes and gives users the ability to show the relationship between each slide. Due to the unlimited zoom and pan effect, users can make their message more effective and shed light on the most important points of the presentation. With Focusky, users can organize their thoughts and deliver them in a clearer way so that the message has a great and strong impact on the audience.

It is a known to be a revolutionary new approach for business communication needs. It is designed to help users in making great presentations that have the power to engage the audience and deliver quick and effective results. Whether it’s a photo slideshow for a blog or a breakthrough business idea, Focusky understands that everyone has stories to tell and ideas to share.

With Focusky, users can even create a collection of presentations and have them displayed on a showcase. This showcase can even be embedded with the user’s website. It also allows quick import from Microsoft PowerPoint. In fact, Focusky is considered to be the best alternative for PowerPoint since it provides richer features. The presentations made by Focusky have the power to capture attention of the audience even among distractions.

Pick the perfect look for a presentation with Focusky free presentation software by choosing from a range of stylish layouts, fonts and images for users to achieve a look exactly like they want. They can also share their interesting and creative presentations with others through social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. Start making free presentations with Focusky and deliver messages in a way that they have a strong impact and also get a chance to share presentations on YouTube.

For more information about Focusky’s free presentation software, contact Lailie Tan at [email protected] or via the company’s website at http://focusky.com/