Japan Content Token, which has the base in Singapore/Japan/China starts partnering to launch the service.

Outline of Japan Content Token(JCT)

•    Japan Content Token is blockchain based IT development/service company. JCT provides a combined platform of insuring to re-sale/auction of ticket/ownership certification. On this platform fan business can easily build the program. The brands who has a loyal customer base can easily introduce a loyalty program. JCT token acts like an point of loyalty program and the transaction increase means the increasing real demand for JCT token.
•    Founder and Chiarman, Yoomoon Kang has successfully realized multiple IPO. JCT has HQ in Singapore and branches in Tokyo and Shanghai.
•    URL:https://ja-cket.com/

Exchanges JCT is listed

JCT is listed on a very limited exchanges until recently. But the timing of service start is coming, new exchanges are added.

•    Cybex    2018/9-
•    Bitmart    2018/10-
•    FCoin    2018/11-
•    Bitaladdin   2019/1-
•    Simex    2019/3/16-
•    P2PB2B    2019/3/18-
•    LAToken 2019/3/18-
•    Bitforex Start IEO 2019/3/26-

Application JCT will release at the 1st stage

JCT is aiming to launch 4 applications from June 2019.

•    Japanese comics, radio actos
•    Estimated user  2mil.

•    Charismatic Japanese Fashion Brand
•    Estimated user  500K.

•    School App
•    Estimated user  100K.

•    Chareer shift, 2nd career
•    Estimated user  500K.

Each application of JCT already has a customer base. Some of them are just switching the payment method to JCT. And others are JCT’s own business creating projects. As a result, smooth shift to Tomochain/JCT will occur. Over 1 mil. users will use JCT platform very soon.

Media Contact
WEB: https://ja-cket.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/JCT_Official
Telegram in Vietnamese: https://t.me/jctvietnam
Mail: [email protected]
Hirofumi Mizuyama, +81-3-5829-9375