[March 30, 2020] - With the withdrawal of former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld after disappointing results in the Super Tuesday and subsequent March 17th round of Republican primaries, the GOP establishment and its media allies pounced on an opportunity to declare the race over and President Donald Trump the lone remaining option.

That's a comforting narrative for Trump loyalists worried about November, but there's one problem with it: It's just not true.
Despite desperate party establishment attempts to keep him off ballots or even cancel primaries altogether, California businessman Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente remains in the race.

One out of 25 Republicans in Illinois — "Land of Lincoln" — voted for De La Fuente in the March 17 primary. He's on the ballot in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, West Virginia, Connecticut, and Louisiana. He's also seeking — or possibly suing for — ballot spots in the D.C., Puerto Rico, Oregon and Maryland primaries, the latter of which has been rescheduled for June 2nd.

Where most observers see a long shot, De La Fuente sees a last-ditch opportunity: A chance for Republican voters to shed themselves of a second Herbert Hoover and avoid losing control of the White House for two decades and Congress for 60 years again.

Like Hoover's handling of the 1929 financial crash and subsequent Great Depression, Trump's response to the COVID-19 pandemic "was shameful and will prove tragically costly," De La Fuente says, "both in terms of human lives and a needlessly devastated economy from which we won’t soon recover."

“The longer Republican voters continue making Trump the face of their party, the worse they'll do in future elections and the longer it will take for America to regain lost social and economic ground," he says. "A healthier and more viable party in the long run requires a better nominee.”


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