21, October 2016:

About NA3AM:

NA3AM is a safe haven, incubator and power house for talented individuals (both local and diaspora) who actively participate in the creation of new age content.


Our purpose is to build new and needed perspectives in the ever-changing global village of education and entertainment.

Through the utilization of art as our key tool in storytelling, NA3AM creates games, comics, events, film and sponsorship programs to highlight and celebrate the “New Arab”. Our products reflect our acute cultural nuances, passion and sensitivity, and consistently focus on international quality.

NA3AM was born as a gaming platform in 2014.


The transformation into a transmedia home, for and by the region’s creative industry, took place in 2015. Today, NA3AM has offices in Amman (Jordan), Copenhagen (Denmark) and Berlin (Germany).


Saudi Girls Revolution

Based on Saudi Girls Revolution (SGR), we showcase female-led stories dedicated to the empowerment of women, both regionally and worldwide.

Audiences will envision themselves in brand new contexts; understand unfamiliar habits and address some of the world’s highly charged topics in a safe and artistic environment.

These young women symbolize female resilience and empowerment. They’re not constrained by any religious or political status quo. Simply put, they create their own.

The universe is composed of 2 major IP’s in 2 different verticals: digital comic books and video games

Join us in the world of Saudi Girls Revolution and experience the madness that takes place in this post-apocalyptic world inhabited by genetically enhanced carnivorous baboons, rampaging cyborgs, deadly firedancers and a crystal behemoth.



In the first comic from the Saudi Girls Revolution universe you will meet Latifa and Alfaisal, her talking sword. A lone vigilante Latifa has no friends or family and only lives for one thing only… revenge.

The name Latifa means gentle or kind in Arabic.

Latifa Team
Creative Director / Story: Fahad Al Saud
An award winning entrepreneur and pioneer in the world of technology.
Former head of Facebook Arabic and executive producer of Issa Rae’s “Awkward Black Girl”. Fahad is Founder & CEO of NA3AM.

WRITER: Stan Berkowitz
Stan Berkowitz is an Emmy award winning writer, known for his work on Superman (1996), Batman Beyond (1999) and Justice League (2008).

EDITOR: Rozan Ahmed
Brand strategist, writer and creative director.

Developer: NA3AM
Based in Amman, Copenhagen and Berlin

Release date:
October 5, 2016


Press / Business contact:
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