It has been reported that despite the rise of many international brands during the past couple of decades, ray band still stands at the top of the market pyramid. The brand become synonymous with sunglasses.

A statistics conducted by a team of trend experts from a fashion magazine has revealed that to most people, the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to sunglasses is Ray Ban. A major reason behind the brand’s consistent popularity is because it combines quality and design at the same time. Additionally, trend reports also show most celebrated figures wearing this brand year after year. A classic design of the brand is the aviation inspired frame which has stood the test of time over decades. Otticasm, a leading online seller of sunglasses has been working directly with some of the most prestigious brands in the optical industry. It is popularly known for offering a varied assortment of model frames. Regular buyers reveal that popularly bought designs and brands are always in stock. The direct link with leading brands has considerably lowered the over head cost of the products, making its price comparatively cheaper than its other counterparts in the industry. The versatility of the web site’s collection has attracted both high end buyers as well as budget friendly shoppers. It also maintains a strict policy of offering authentic information about each of the products that it sells. This includes the level of UV protection that each optical pair of glasses offer. The site’s fashion team comes up with trendy assortments to make sure the sunglasses are worn with complementary accessories. This new method has attracted a new category of buyers – the ones who are clueless about the latest fashion trends. research show that there are many people with money to spend but clueless about what to buy.

The Otticasm is a leading online store that offers sunglasses and prescription glasses. It has a long experience in the industry with three shops in the historic centre of the Republican of San Marino. It is currently one of the leading sellers of glasses on the internet.



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