It would be fair to say that Navneet Goenka is an ardent lover of technology, he has been truly impressed by the power of blockchain technology and digital currency. That being said, is he a blockchain expert or a tech guru. Who exactly is Navneet Goenka?

A few words from the CEO of Glitzkoin would be relevant to this topic, here is what he has to say, ‘… one of the reasons why most blockchain projects failed or could not deliver what they promised is that, they were totally detached from real world business. It is not easy for a group of techies to come up with their dream application and expect, an industry or business to embrace it’.

Navneet Goenka comes from a family that, has and continues to be actively involved in the multibillion dollar diamond industry for over 5 decades. The second generation diamond veteran is fully conversant, with every aspect and function of the business.  The question, ‘who is Navneet Goenka’ has been answered but, it would still be interesting to know what made the diamond expert, scout for a blockchain based solution.

Despite the $90 billion business generated by the glittering industry the fact is that, diamond traders have been seeing a rather flat sales graph for the past few years. This is in no small measure due to the, inefficiencies and unproductive practices followed by diamond businesses. Navneet is a firm believer that, the right technology, correctly implemented can make a positive impact on the industry.

After long discussions with friends working on the Stellar blockchain project, he was convinced that blockchain technology could deliver the right solution. Discussions moved to the next stage, tech experts worked hand in hand with diamond professionals from various parts of the globe.

The end result was a crystal clear plan detailing how, the features of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, could be used to improve efficiency and market scope for the industry. Navneet Goenka a diamond veteran by profession, came to promote one of the most comprehensive diamond blockchain projects – Glitzkoin. The project includes a complete diamond trading platform nicknamed, DiaEx. The platform supports B2B and B2C trade in the precious stone. The designated mode of payment on DiaEx is the Glitzkoin GTN token.

Many in the crypto community were quite surprised to learn that, the Glitzkoin CEO was not a professional techie. They have met Navneet Goenka at various blockchain and crypto events across the globe, they are aware that he has even sponsored a few of them. The words of the diamond veteran cum blockchain investor perfectly explain his opinion he says that, ‘… technology is only as good as the solutions that it can deliver. By itself, technology is more like a private party between likeminded people, interesting but not useful’.

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