Detroit, MI; 20, January 2016: How well does your child really know basketball? Are they as active and healthy as they could be? Peety Poppers is the next biggest thing. He’s going to be loved internationally by young children whose parents are looking for a way to get their kids excited about eating healthy and staying active. Peety Poppers is a two-part brand: a YouTube-based web-series and a fun children’s website.

Peety Poppers

The web-series, which will be accompanied not only by on-screen sign-language interpretation but also by sister-channels in a variety of languages, aims to teach kids new skills and techniques in sports to help motivate and inspire them to get active and get healthy. Our premier series is focused on basketball, and consists of 26 episodes ranging from learning to dribble to taking a dunk shot. This gradual advancement will work to maintain and nourish children’s learning and interest, but also to be accessible to kids of all skill-levels.

"Peety Poppers" is a revolutionary web-series, just for kids! Get ready to learn all the basic and advanced basketball skills with your son or daughter as Peety and his friends show the way. The YouTube show features the lovable jackrabbit Peety Poppers and his friends Penny, Pauly, Perry, and Peggy as they go through easy, fun step-by-step instructions on basketball techniques for all skill-levels, from dribbling for beginners, to the hook-shot for real pros! The premiere episodes teach kids the fascinating story of how basketball first began, and introduces them to the foundation of basketball: dribbling! It's a great chance for kids to get to know Peety and get excited for the episodes to come.

While the website will serve as a second home to the episodes, it brings in a whole new realm for kids’ exploration: nutrition. The nutrition tab found on the main menu of the website will host a page where kids can learn what it means to eat healthy and all about the different food groups, as well as pages for recipes and downloadable activity sheets (coloring sheets, mazes, etc.). It will also be the home for the Peety Poppers series of fun health facts, which will initially be published daily on Twitter. With a website loaded with all sorts of nutrition and fitness information for kids to explore, Peety Poppers will soon be a household name for kids to look forward to after they do their homework. Get your kids excited about learning sports in a way you never thought possible!

Brand-new episodes will be launched every week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, giving kids plenty of new skills to learn and practice while perfecting previous techniques. It’s a fun, easy, way to get them up and moving! There will also be plenty of Peety Popper attire to keep them fashionable in school and on the playground. With basketball clinics all over southeast Michigan (and soon, all over the nation!), kids can supplement the fun webisodes with in-person practice, and get to meet the real Peety Poppers.

Peety Poppers is a division of Poppersworld, Inc. We are a sporting goods company who created the Poppers™ basketball net. Poppers™ is a revolutionary, patented basketball net that enhances enjoyment and skill development of the game because of its unique and unmistakable popping sound every time the ball goes through the net, coming in contact with our unique leather strips attached at the bottom of the net. Poppers™ enhances the sight, sound and mental satisfaction of the game.

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Peety Poppers is a division of Poppersworld, Inc. Peety Poppers was created from the desire to see kids active and healthy. We are committed to raising a generation of healthy and active youth in a fun and exciting way. We believe it is not only possible to get our kids excited about getting fit, but also to find a new hobby they can love and enjoy. At, we believe learning the merits of good nutrition, exercise, and a healthy mind starts at a young age. We want to be there every step of the way.

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