(March 18, 2019) – The magic of CBD or hemp oil in providing relief from inflammation and pain is today well known. What’s lesser understood is that a full spectrum, pure CBD oil is more effective than ordinary formulations. Nubutoany has therefore launched its premium quality CBD hemp oil to benefit everyone.

The team behind Nubutoany comprises scientists and hemp lovers, and experts in the manufacturing and distribution of hemp oil. The product is free from THC, made from organically grown plants in the US, and retains the original hemp phytocannabinoids and terpenes extracts. The healing power delivered by this product is therefore more potent.

Nubotany hemp oil is also manufactured in a FDA approved laboratory, and infused with a unique CO2 extraction. No residual solvents are present in the final product. Nubotany hemp oil is available in various quantities, such as the 250mg, full spectrum CBD Hemp Pain Cream and the 1500mg, full spectrum CBD Hemp Oil.

“At Nubotany we are passionate about what we do. This shows in our diverse range of product line and the amazing service we offer each and every one of our customers,” said Charlene Weller from Nubotany.

Today, cannabis has been legally approved in many countries as a form of medicine. It is also considered to be a ‘super food’, and its medicinal and beneficial effects are being studied by scientists. Cannabidiol is considered a healer of anxiety and pain and a wide range of ailments. Nubotany understands the medical power of hemp oil, and has therefore introduced pure and potent formulations with a focus on quality.

“Our mission is to help individuals discover ways to bring healing to their bodies using natural CBD that won’t pose an adverse risk to the body. But rather enhance and support improved all-around body health,” said Charlene Weller.

All Nubotany products are certified free from THC, are created with heavily tested methods, and offer the most convenient way to consume hemp oil or CBD. The formulations are intended for maximum effect, without creating any impairments or inducing habit formation.

For more information, please visit: https://nubotany.com/

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