Los Angeles, CA -- Pathfinder Films LTD. has acquired the new psychological thriller “House in the Alley,” with plans for full domestic release (including theatrical) and international sales.

Pathfinder Films LTD. will be updating http://www.pathfinderfilmsltd.com with news regarding “House in the Alley.”

Coco Paris Media producer Dan Tran approached Pathfinder Films LTD after the 2012 American Film Market, about representing "House in the Alley" in the domestic and international market. Character complexity and powerful visuals elevated “House in the Alley” in the mind of Georgia Menides (Pathfinder Films Ltd, Manager of Acquisitions).

“House in the Alley” is about a couple who slowly lose their sanity haunted by the traumatic death of their son, and the paranormal disturbances in their house from an unspeakable past.

"House in the Alley" draws on the evil that lies within us all, and grows in characters from past secrets, emotional trauma, and external supernatural forces." says Georgia Menides from Pathfinder Film LTD.

In it’s 3-tiered theatrical debut in Vietnam, “House in the Alley” received a million dollar box office run in what Coco Paris states is "The first true horror film in Vietnam" The film also continues its festival tour, screening the Vietnamese International Film Festival, Saturday April 13th, 2013 at 6PM.

Pathfinder Films Ltd's sales team will bring “House in the Alley,” and their library of films to the Cannes Film Market in May.

The film was written and directed by Le Van Kiet and stars Veronica Ngo (The Rebel). The film was shot entirely in Vietnam.

“House in the Alley” follows Thanh and Thao, a young successful couple living in Saigon about to begin a new happy chapter in their lives, parenthood. However, that dream becomes a nightmare, with the violent death of their son.

Thahn begins to see a drastic change in Thao, and becomes concerned. She is withdrawn, compulsive, and prone to hallucination. But he can only do his best, also handling a major crisis with his business.

Their house itself changes. Scratches appear on walls, furniture is vandalized, something is haunting them. Wracked with guilt and isolated, Thao is convinced their son is cursing them from the grave.

Thao becomes almost unrecognizable as the paranormal takes over her body. Tormented by the thought of losing his wife, Thanh searches for clues to the history behind their house past, uncovering a secret many hoped to forget.

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