The biggest 2019 kitchen trend is adding a bold, colorful rug to the most important room in the home

May 14, 2019; Charlotte, NC – Kitchens have been dominated by tile or wooden floors for decades. Yet, the latest trend popping up in homes around the United States is Persian rugs which add bold color to a room that often lacks flooring flair. The rugs add personality and character to kitchens giving the most important room in the home even more enjoyable.

Cheap area rugs have long been used in kitchens with homeowners preferring inexpensive floor coverings in case of spills and messes. It has been this reason that most homeowners have resisted adding a Persian rug to the room. According to Rug Source, the Internet’s leading rug seller, must Persian rugs are made with wool which does not absorb stains, which means homeowners can get rid of their cheap area rugs and add more eye-catching pieces.

“Persian rugs are not only stain-resistant, but the bold colors hide any spills that land on them,” a Rug Source spokesperson said. “The rug’s colors basically camouflage any messes that land on them.”

Adding a rug to the kitchen provides warmth to the kitchen in more ways than one. Persian rugs are warm underneath the feet and provide a comfortable place to stand. Rugs also add warmth thanks to their color that add depth to the room.

Rug Source states that Persian rugs are durable and last a lifetime. Homeowners won’t need to replace their rug after a few years as the high-quality, hand stitched item will remain intact. When homeowners decide to change their kitchen’s decor, they can simple transfer the rug to another room.

Persian rugs are one of the top-selling styles of rugs on Rug Source’s website. The company works with manufacturers and distribute authentic rugs to customers across the US.

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