Health issues, such as pains, joint aches and muscular pain, can be too discomforting and even debilitating at times. Physiotherapist Marco Aruffo aims to provide patients with advanced physiotherapy treatment, to cure all the issues that they suffer from. He has recently opened up the website PhysioEnergy, which provides patients with knowledge about the benefits of physiotherapy and how he cures them.

Marco Aruffo is an expert and offers everything from sciatica rimedi to other health treatments. He helps alleviate nerve root compression that cause sciatica, and can arise from various types of causes such as herniated disc, lumbar spinal stenos is, piriformis syndrome, trauma, Isthmic spondylolisthesis and more.

He takes care of patients’ corsomanipolazionivertebrali and also offers video lessons and guidance to benefit patients. The video courses are intended to help patients understand how to manipulate the vertebra. He uses simple language to explain and show the techniques, and details them fully, in order to help patients.

During his physiotherapy practice, Marco Aruffo realized that may people tend to abuse drugs due to a lack of details regarding the exact reasons for musculoskeletal problems. Many people who abuse drugs like painkillers and NSAID anti-inflammatory drugs experience various health problems. Marco aims to offer complete information for addressing musculoskeletal issues in a better way, without opting for pain medications or anti-inflammatory drugs given that in case of musculoskeletal aches only symptoms are covered without any attempt to counteract the underlying cause.

About PhysioEnergy

PhysioEnergy is a website set up by reputed Physiotherapist Marco Aruffo, who aims to understand the origin and history of the issues faced by people and use physiotherapy to remedy their problems.

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