PS Electronics is a promising company delivering PCB assemblies and custom PCB solution to a large consumer base. The company is now offering complete assemblies within a 3 day turnaround.

Offering a host of PCB solutions to a diverse portfolio of high profile clients, Pinsheng Electronics (PS Electronics) is a highly competitive company with a distinct business model and a promise to deliver the best results to their clients. Offering unique PCB solutions and custom PCB assemblies in a 3 day turnaround, the company has developed a strong relationship with its global clients and gets a lot of its business from referrals.

The team of engineers and technicians at PS Electronics comprises of highly qualified individuals who boast decade’s worth of collective experience in the electronics and PCB industry. Working with combined expertise and an extremely collaborative approach, the company has created an efficient workplace modus operandi to deliver fast and effective solutions to their clients. Over time, the company has also constantly updated its infrastructure as it currently boasts a huge portfolio of the most advanced machines in the PCB industry. Whether it is PCBA, Aluminum PCB, Flex PCB, High Frequency PCB, Rigid Flex PCB or Rigid PCB, the company offers multi-faceted products that always garner positive client testimonies.

A spokesperson for PS Electronics made an official statement for the press “Here at Pinsheng Electronics, we are a highly customer oriented company and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. Offering a host of highly promising PCB services and products, it is our mission to lead the industry with confidence and become the most premier name in the China market when it comes to custom PCB solutions. We work closely with clients to make sure their needs and demands are met and they leave with a smile on their face. We have the best of the best working on our team and they ensure the fast and smooth delivery of turnkey PCB solutions to the high profile tech clients of PS Electronics.”

The spokesperson further added “Because we finish everything in house to maintain the utmost quality standards, we can take on projects of any size and turn out an effective solution within 3 days. With 3 manufacturing locations and 800 hardworking employees, we have the capacity to cater to a large clientele while still having room of long-term projects and long-term contracts. All the boards we manufacture go through full electrical testing to ensure that we provide the most reliable products and that nothing is missing from the final board. We go the extra mile when it comes to management and implement the highly coveted 5S Management System to ensure that all of our business processes run smooth and client deadlines are not delayed.”

PS Electronics is a highly established company in the PCB realm, which gives it a competitive edge and put its one step above its industry counterparts. The company has long-term insider connections with the best material and delivery suppliers. This helps PS Electronics source their materials very efficiently and offer the final product at a much faster pace. In addition to being highly professional, PS Electronics is also a highly certified company. Being an ISO9001 company, PS Electronics has been awarded with ISO14001, UL, RoHS and REACH certifications, among many others.

More business info and contact details can be seen on the official company website at The company’s customer support representatives work around the clock to offer high quality customer support and answer all customer queries within a timely manner.

Contact Person:
Cindy Shawn
PS Electronics Co., Ltd
Email: [email protected]