Pizza Di Rocco has announced its plans to extend its services to Al Ain, UAE. The people of Al Ain can now enjoy the excellent service delivery and unique taste of authentic Italian pizza made by well-experienced and professional chefs using the best ingredients.

Pizza Di Rocco currently has one other outletin Abu Dhabi, with the recent opening in unit 7, HBZ stadium of Al Ain, being one of the first authentic Italian pizzerias in that area. The new branch will be offering all the signature pizzas, salads and lasagna.

The Food Hub branch of Pizza Di Rocco will be a part of the dedicated food hub of the HBZ stadium development area, measuring 94 Sq.m.The new branch will also be offering drive-in, take away, and Pizza Delivery Abu Dhabi for persons that would want to enjoy the delicious taste of authentic Italian pizzas.

Pizza Di Rocco is known for delicious and healthy recipes, particularly famous for its wide range of classic pizzas, making it one of the sources for Best Pizza in Abu Dhabi. The Italian gourmet pizzas from UAE’s best authentic Italian pizzerias are delicious, crispy, light, natural and fresh from the oven.

In addition to providing an ultimate Italian Pizza experience to the people of Abu Dhabi and soon in Al Ain, Pizza Di Rocco also serves delicious meals, which include antipasti, salads, lasagna, desserts and drinks.

Pizza Di Rocco is not just about restaurants and Abu Dhabi Pizza Delivery , as the outfit also offers outdoor catering services to offices, parties, corporate organizations and private individuals.

The recent branch opening brings Pizza Di Rocco’s delicious Italian menu closer to the people of Al Ain. Pizza lovers can also visit the restaurant’s website to order any of their favorite menus online.

About Pizza Di Rocco

Pizza Di Rocco is an authentic Italian pizzeria, with restaurants spread across Abu Dhabi. The outfit is known for making a wide range of healthy and delicious Italian pizzas, using ingredients that leave their customers wanting more.

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Sarah Snowneil Ali
Company: Pizza Di Rocco
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Phone: +971 2 885 3222
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