The polygamy is for the kingdom, we do not interfere in the law of other countries. Polygamy is accepted in our nations. The government IUKAC has established rules for it.

The first thing is the need for a consentment letter from the citizen of GOV IUKAC Empire & Union of Crown UK or UK New Spain

There is also need of a letter acceptance of government.

The GOV IUKAC uses the ancestor law, Tora and Islam to establish this law. The ancestor law of Etic establish that one day for one girl and other day for other. We recommend this approach but the husband and wife can establish their manner.

But there is need for consenting, The polygamy in GOV IUKAC Empire Is only for our citizens. This law is part of GOV IUKAC territory and enclave. However in a few enclave, there is some restrictions or responsibility letter of acceptance.

In the Christian church of GOV IUKAC territory, there is no permission for polygamy. For that need special letter approved of minister of family of GOV IUKAC Empire - Legal document and legal acceptance and letter of acceptance of from the wife. Without these requirements, polygamy can’t be accepted. We reserve the rights of approval.

The thing more important is need legal document of GOV IUKAC Empire or UK New Spain.

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