Reino Unido De Nueva Espana, Other Names United Kingdom of New Spain

Reino De Nueva Burgundia / Kingdom Of New Burgundy

Absolute Monarchy


The kingdom of New Spain is absolute monarchy.

We government Hispania. The kingdom of New Spain is separate of GOV IUKAC Empire. The territory of New Spain is Palomino Island and 100 x 50 miles is Sahara West.

Principal Territory of GOV IUKAC.

Other name for New Spain, kingdom of new burgundy, kingdom of new Hispania or Spanish (Reino Unido De Nueva Espana, Reino Unido De Nueva Hispania, Reino De Nueva Burgundia. The kingdom is government by King Ludwig Falkenstein Hasburgo Sobieski Tudor De La Vega. King of New Spain.and our prime minister is Andres Salvador Soto Martinez.

Prime minister of New Spain for now. The kingdom of New Spain have sovereign, have your passport. Mail stamps and we try to do it a tetrarchy government with Spain. For include other kings and other government in tetrarchy council hibrid democracy. Because the principal house of New Spain is absolute monarchy. Our kingdom have both Kingdom and government together, control by the King Ludwig Falkenstein Hasburgo and our council of president and tetrarchy council we have a citizen of New Spain available. And have enclave in USA share with GOV IUKAC Empire & GOV NSEAC. House of. Government of King Ludwig too. We have a territory. Property of 20 acres land and other 3 property between Texas and Colorado state and we have enclave in Spain, but not defined. We continue work with New Spain. But we don't have official relationship with Spain government. The kingdom of New Spain have exception with the coat arm. We have 3 official coat of arm of the kingdom, exclude a kingdom of new burgundy coat arm. Because is official too. 3 different coat of arm because evolution of the kingdom, we think is time to change. Kingdom of New Spain have and your individual id jurisdiction separate of Spain.

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