Currently, young people are returning to farming or becoming farmers in rural areas. Indeed, there are still fewer young people in the suburbs than in the city, but young people leave the city and settle in the outer region. Their efforts are increasing to revive the local economy. As a result, more and more cooperatives are being created by representatives of companies and residents in each province.


In Daedeok-myeon, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do, there is a 'DeogIn cooperative' created by 150 residents. The residents' self-governing council takes the cooperative's lead to revitalize Daedeok-eup in Damyang, where the center is weak. Their primary business is "daedeok gukbap" and restaurants. Daedeok's meal table, which is run by the cooperative residents, has a representative menu of rice soup and pork belly. They grow medicinal herbs and vegetables used in restaurants for themselves. The restaurant is run by members of the union working together to help make food.


"To revitalize our town, Daedeok-myeon, the local people and hometown people have joined forces to create a cooperative," said Bin Do-rim, head of the association of the DeogIn cooperative. "The main business is Daedeok's meal table, restaurants, a village school, and a herbal club. In the future, we are planning to make local herbs more specialized so that we can have herbal meals in our restaurants," he said.


Meanwhile, the DeogIn cooperative produced promotional videos by participating in a 2020 Jeonnam Youth Village Road video production project.  It was planned by the Jeonnam Bioindustry Foundation's Eco-Friendly Agri-Bio Research Center to promote co-prosperity of youth and local villages.