TakeAir Houston, a well-known air duct cleaning services provider, recently launched cost-effective tile and grout cleaning solutions. The family-owned company has been serving the Houston community for years now and as per the statistics that the management has revealed, the vent cleaning Houston business has catered to around 75,000 clients. That’s indeed a feather in the cap for them and the industry experts are expecting that the entity will be creating a milestone for itself with the new launch.

With the cost-effective tile and grout cleaning services launched ceremoniously, followed by a three-hour long press conference, the management seemed pretty confident about the prospects of the new incorporation. The Chairman stated, ‘’Our main services include air duct cleaning and replacement, attic insulation and replacement, air quality inspections and solutions, carpet cleaning and replacement, HVAC cleaning and replacement, so on and so forth. We offer all these services at competitive rates.’’

With more than 10 years of experience under their belt, TakeAir Houston has 75,000 clients till date and continues to be one of the most-trusted HVAC duct cleaning near me service provider in Houston. The management knows the value of having satisfied customers and we have done everything possible to see a smile on their faces. Whatever little success we have garnered today is primarily because of them.’’

Israel Tuoeg, a senior executive of the HVAC duct cleaning Houston business divulged, ‘’We can’t ever overlook the contribution of our technicians. They are totally committed to serving the Houston community with integrity. They are utterly professionals and have made it a point to reach a client’s doorsteps within minutes of receiving their call. As everyone knows, cleaning tile and grout can really be an uphill task. Dirt trapped inside can make them look dirty and dark with time and maintenance on a regular basis is necessary to keep them shining and clean. Our experts carry out a free inspection, determine the type of surface, and offer the best cleaning process.’’

About the Company

TakeAir Houston is one of the most popular air duct cleaning specialists within the Houston community.

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