New York, NY - Thinking about some of the most popular movies and television shows brings up a really interesting question: what about the main character(s) makes them so likeable, or relatable? How is it this person, or persons, can get through anything that is thrown at them? The most common answer is that they have a wit that few possess that can help them solve any problem and get out of any sort of sticky situation.

Wouldn’t it be great if anyone and everyone could maneuver language and words so that any complication is easier to solve? The magnificent news is that it is completely possible to learn the tricks that every popular character owns. Be like the heroes who always have something to say at just the right time. All it takes is a little work and practice.

There are many ways to become a wittier individual. The easiest practice is to learn, and master, improvisation. Join the local improve club! It can teach you the techniques to help anyone think quickly on their feet rather than become tongue tied. It helps from feeling bullied and walked on when someone is trying to cause conflict. Break it up before it starts with a sharp wit!

It might sound impossible, but learning to use improvisation in everyday situations can help anyone gain confidence to stand up for themselves when backed into a corner. Another great way to find more wit is by using visualization. There is also the technique of practicing conversations that didn’t go exactly as planned. It is a variation of visualization that helps one think on their feet to create how to steer any conversation and take control.

Another fantastic resource to learn to be a wittier individual, is a book called “ Instant Wit .” It is available online and has several examples and steps to help pave the way to a life full of wit and amusement. Take control of any situation using the techniques discussed within.

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