Antwerp, Belgium – Host unmetered is a revolutionary Belgian server management company. Having established a firm grip on the local market, the company is looking to expand its outstanding array of services on a global scale. Providing unparalleled customer service and prices the company has established itself as a household name in the local hosting scene having amassed 7 figure turnovers in the latest years. The company is known for its unmetered bandwidth which comes with renting a server and its exclusive graphical user interface which helps businesses manage their servers seamlessly.

Hosts Unmetered looks to develop its brand by offering its services to up and coming startups who are gaining traction. Offering a solid network and a great customer care the company looks to help young tech businesses take over the word and make it better via their service. The company looks to elevate the potential of this business by providing state of the art hardware like 10gbps dedicated servers and much more. Coupled with their great graphical user interface the startups can cut costs on keeping someone who is dedicated to server management as the interface lets even less server savvy people work and manage it in a proper way. Moreover, their clients service is able to work remotely and when a problem arises there should not be any difficulties in removing it.

In conclusion this company is indeed a great addition to any kind of startup as their hardware is world class and their customer care can relieve startups from overpaying service maintenance and focus on really important investments in their product. Moreover, the company is offering to quote custom servers configurations for anyone who requires it. This also means that on a monthly basis the company will provide exact data regarding the server’s usage. This means key points like bandwidth usage and power usage will always be available so the costs can be optimized and cut down. It is clear that the company seeks to develop professional relationships with its clients and is ready to over deliver and much more.

About company:

Host Unmetered specializes in unmetered dedicated servers with ports from 1 Gbps up to 10 Gbps for Streaming and Content Delivery. With a vast array of high class services this company is the go to name in the hosting industry. Having settles big contracts with content streaming firms all over the world it is looking to expand its rand and identity in the bigger world market. The company is known for outstanding services as well as for great care when it comes to customer satisfaction and has built a name for itself relying on this.

Company Name: HostUnmetered
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact Person: K. Van Hees
Full Address: 509 West 4 St. - NY
Phone #: +1-888-625-4988