Bill Code: the fourth cryptographic treasure of the blockchain

The beginning of Bill Code originated from the publication of a 23-page pamphlet ”The Beale Papers” in 1885. The pamphlet contained three passwords and stories about them.This article is hailed as the bible of cryptography by Beale ciphers enthusiasts. In May 2018, JP Miller, Jr, a fanatic of Bill Cipher, published ”Bill Cipher-The Fourth Blockchain Password Creation Conjecture” with the help of blockchain technology.In June of the same year, Professor James Short from the Blockchain Research Center of Stanford University wrote back to start a creation meeting with JP Miller, Jr and co-founded the Bill Cryptographic Protocol Laboratory.
It is reported that blockchain celebrities such as Vitalik Buterin and Justin also participated in the Bill Code seminar. So what exactly is the Bill Code blessed by the stars? Let's find out! Bill Code is based on distributed storage technology and introduces a data exchange mechanism and a second transmission mechanism to improve data transmission speed and storage efficiency, thereby achieving more powerful functions. Bill Code uses distributed storage technology to embed Beale ciphers treasure into the blockchain nodes, and Beale ciphers enthusiasts can mine Beale ciphers treasure in different ways! There will be a period of testing in the initial stage of Bill Code, and the expected opening time is around June (refer to the Bill Code official website for the specific time).During the testing phase, Bill Code will conduct an extraordinary airdrop event. At that time, 2500W BILL TEST will participate in the airdrop, and all treasure hunters can participate in the online treasure hunt. But one thing to note is that what is found now is not the real BILL treasure. It needs to pass a certain ratio (1 BILL treasure = 25 test treasures) to be converted into BILL treasure in order to have real value. This redemption process needs to be carried out on the Bill Code official website. The launch of the testnet is to ensure that the whole people are looking for treasures, and not to be a monopoly. Everyone can participate in the treasure hunt of Bill Code, which can ensure the reasonable distribution of treasure resources, will not cause the treasure to be centralized, and achieve decentralization in a true sense.
After the testnet is over, the mainnet will be launched immediately (refer to the Bill Code official website for the specific time). After the mainnet is launched, Bill Code will open hard disk mining as soon as possible. The official has prepared 2400W treasures waiting for treasure hunters to dig. This treasure is the real BILL treasure and has practical value. Treasure hunters only need to have a mining machine that meets the requirements of the P disk to participate in the treasure hunt, and the P disk after mining and packaging on the testnet does not need to be repackaged, and the BILL treasure does not need to be pledged, which guarantees that the treasure hunter will not be because The encapsulation period is too long or the first mine welfare stage is missed because of the treasure pledge. In addition, Bill Code's hard disk mining threshold is extremely low. The tester of Bill Code gave such a parameter table:
One month after hard disk mining goes online, Bill Code will start liquid mining in October (refer to the Bill Code official website for the specific time). This is the highlight of the Bill Code treasure hunt mode. Treasure hunters only need to pay a certain number of “tickets” to participate in the treasure hunt, which can truly achieve the treasure hunt for the whole people,This move can truly achieve the treasure hunt for the whole people, and everyone can participate in the treasure hunt of Bill Code,and to the greatest extent to ensure the safety of the interests of every treasure hunter.There will be no economic losses caused by the mistaken purchase of virtual mining machines. The amount of BILL that treasure hunters deposit and withdraw will be the only criterion for the distribution of rewards. The more you deposit, the more points you can withdraw, and the BILL you deposit and withdraw can be withdrawn at will. On this basis, Bill Code has set up a reward system on the mechanism of liquid mining. The Bill Code smart contract will retrieve all treasure hunters in the mining pool every ten minutes and reward the top 100 treasure hunters , reward 2 BILL treasures each time. The Bill Code tester once did an experiment. If the treasure hunter can guarantee that his ranking is stable enough, he can get 2.88 BILL treasures every day, which will be an immeasurable treasure wealth.
Bill Code perfectly combines airdrop mining, hard disk mining and liquidity mining to form a new economic model. This economic model can ensure the balance of supply and demand in the BILL trading system and guarantee BILL coins to a certain extent. The price will be on a steady upward trend, and the earlier treasure hunters who participate will get more economic benefits. This will be an unprecedented economic model for no one to come, and it will be a stroke in the history of blockchain. "Under the opportunity of the time, the right place and the right people, choosing the right track is always more important than speeding up." The era of national treasure hunting has arrived. This cryptographic treasure, do you dig or not?