28, November 2014: Up until now in 2014 there have been at least 17 toy recalls, totaling over 4.8 million toys purchased in the US and Canada. Macdonalds, most likely the best known brand worldwide, is amongst those firms that have actually needed to publish a toy recall in the weeks proceeding Christmas. Macdonalds is needing to recall a Hello Kitty lollipop whistle, which had actually been handed out to youngsters in their Happy Meals, due to reports that small children could end up choking on a few of its parts. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, 2 youngsters had supposedly coughed up parts of the whistle which had been sucked into their mouths, with at least one youngster needing to get clinical attention.

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The US safety agency has exposed that small components of the three inch Hello Kitty lollipop whistle might become separated and consequently breathed in, which would pose a threat to children. Macdonalds specified that nearly 2.5 million lollipop whistles had actually been produced, though the majority had not been sent out to their dining establishments. The Happy Meal giveaways were distributed in the US and Canada over the last 2 months, but the fast-food chain has actually validated that around 1.6 million whistles have currently been recuperated. Macdonalds have also announced that any consumer that returns the lollipop whistle, would receive a free replacement toy in exchange.

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Toasters are normally thought to be a dangerous home appliance, so Toys R Us went ahead to produce a version for children, without the need to plug it into an electrical outlet, however according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the toy toaster sets being sold at Toys R Us shops are now being recalled. The safety body has disclosed that the plastic toast can end up being cracked, eventually breaking into smaller sized pieces with sharp edges, posing a choking hazard for kids.

As Christmas approaches fast, World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) has published its report for the 10 worst toys in 2014. The US toys safety body has said that toys singled out this year were toys with dangerous designs, which incorporate little, detachable parts that kids might choke on. Other hazardous toys mentioned had strings that could trigger strangulation or that have dangerous projectiles. They also exposed a number of toys that were thought to have misleading or complicated warning labels.

Co-director of Nevada based kids accessory company "Freddie and Sebbie," says that after a lot of years of similar toy recalls, it's time to make companies more responsible for this kind of design error. He stated... "It's fairly worrying when such big trademark name companies are having to recall toys that have been deemed hazardous for small children. We are just approaching 2015, and companies still cannot get safety for kids right. Rather astounding, and they really must be made accountable for their actions. Moms and dads should be extremely careful when buying Christmas gifts for kids this year. Our business takes the matter very seriously, though the closest product we market to a toy is the Freddie and Sebbie Toy Hammock, which has actually been considered as child friendly."

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