Upper Echelon Products presented Repel Lightweight "DuPont Teflon" Travel Umbrella on amazon. This umbrella is now on sale and its cost is $21,95. "DuPont Teflon" Travel Umbrella is automatic, super light and compact.

Repel Lightweight "DuPont Teflon" is a Travel Umbrella, and first of all it should have all the features to ease its carrying for traveller. Umbrella for travel should be small and compact. As for the coloring, there are two options: either it is a monophonic umbrella that fits every ensemble, or an umbrella with a bright, maybe even conceptual print that becomes the center of your "rain" kit. Repel Lightweight "DuPont Teflon" is created in black colour, which suits any outfit. Its auto open/close function allows for easy one-handed operation. It measures just 11.5" long and weights less than 1lb for easy storage in purses, briefcases, backpacks, luggage and more. Most umbrellas are made of 6 or 8 aluminum ribs but Repel is fortified with 9 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts making sure that in powerful wind or rain it won’t turn inside out. This umbrella has superior water-reppelency, it is waterproof and instantly dry. Also, this umbrella is designed with a three-fold chrome plated metal shaft, and strong metal frame to allow for greater stability in high winds.A protective sleeve is included with the purchase of umbrella.

Buying Repel Lightweight "DuPont Teflon" Travel Umbrella you will get protected from rain for a lifetime, because Upper Echelon Products company offers you lifetime replacement guarantee program, so if anything with this umbrella goes wrong, you will get a replacement without any charge. The return of your broken umbrlella is also not required in this case.

Now Repel Lightweight "DuPont Teflon" Travel Umbrella is available not only on sale, but also with a special offer and promotion if you make a bulk order. This way you will get 10% off your entire order when you purchase 2 or more umbrellas, 15% off your entire order when you purchase 4 or more umbrellas, 20% off your entire order when you purchase 6 or more umbrellas and 25% off your entire order when you purchase 10 or more umbrellas. Special promotion codes can be found below the products description and you will be required to enter them at the checkout. Additionally, to understand better how guarantee works, or other questions which you might be interested in, check the section Customer Questions & Answers or add your own questions, that will be answered in nearest time.

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