NEW YORK, NY - Customers want to be wowed by their creative services agency. Yet, what too often gets in the way of that, has nothing to do with lack of innovative talent - and everything to do with administrative costs and time.

Enter ProProject Bookkeeping: a virtual bookkeeping service that specializes in project accounting and caters exclusively to small & mid-sized creative, marketing & advertising agencies and consultancies.

Cloud-based accounting programs and related apps from companies like ProProject have notably reduced the need for in-house bookkeeping. Yet no other companies to date have focused solely on creative services organizations.

The company was founded in 2018 by Darell Brown who spent the first 12-years of her career working for project-centric small to mid-sized companies for whom she designed multi-project accounting systems.

“In a project-heavy field where profit margins are tight and timely billing and payment are essential, we saw the need to help agencies present themselves more professionally on the business end, ensure timely cash flow, and keep their energies focused on creativity,” explained Brown.

“Our clients trust us to handle their books and we do so through a mix of virtual services, short weekly phone calls, and monthly in-person meetings,” she added. “We take great pride in being a true strategic partner – and that’s what sets us apart.”

ProProject Bookkeeping’s customers back up that assertion. Customers have called out their “strong expertise,” “positive energy,” “thoroughness,” and “working knowledge of our company.”

A leading marketing agency enlisted ProProject to replace an inefficient cash flow spreadsheet that was causing incorrect cash flow forecasts. ProProject utilized a cash flow system that worked with the client’s accounting program to predict cash flow.  It allowed managers to budget and predict cash flow needs months in advance.

Other success stories relate to expense management, accounts receivable and financial reports.
The firm does not file taxes on behalf of clients but stresses that it communicates needed financial reports to clients’ CPAs.

Bookkeeping packages start at $600 a month and all packages include weekly reconciliation, monthly reports, dashboard, cloud-based software and a guaranteed one-day response time.  ProProject also offers a variety of service add-ons to their packages to help customers meet their accounting needs. Add-ons include services such as payroll, accounts payable, and cash flow forecasting.

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