We Silver Jewels has just unveiled a fresh collection of ocean-themed wholesale silver jewelry for customers to wear this summer.


We Silver Jewels is a renowned jewelry wholesale supplier that has recently introduced a new collection of ocean-themed wholesale silver jewelry. The wide range of themed jewelry is now available on the company’s website at affordable prices. Designs based on creatures and themes of the ocean, such as dolphins, fishes, mermaids, starfishes, anchors, octopuses, jellyfishes, and waves, are currently trending. The variety of sterling silver jewelry on offer at the online store is ideal for both adults and youngsters. The ocean-themed designs are even age-appropriate for kids who can wear them on birthdays or at theme parties.

We Silver Jewels employs professional jewelers to design high-quality silver and stainless steel jewelry. The company’s factory in Thailand manufactures all the jewelry products sold in the online store. While the company’s designers keep a tab on current trends to provide the latest designs, its factory produces all products in accordance with the latest safety standards. The company delivers only 925 stamped sterling silver jewelry and offers generous discounts on bulk orders. The ocean-themed bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, and charms are currently quite popular among customers.

Tim Green, the chief jewelry designer of the wholesale beads company, said, “Our team of experienced designers take inspiration from nature and current trends to provide fashionable silver and steel jewelry at reasonable prices. With the new ocean collection, we aim to remind both clients and customers of the importance of the water bodies around us as well as the beautiful creatures living there. Since this collection is quite popular with youngsters, we hope to get our message across to the younger generation who shall inherit the earth’s resources.”

We Silver Jewels keeps its inventory always stocked up to ensure that jewelry sellers do not run out of products that are in demand. The company uses high-quality materials to make their jewelry and offers free shipping for orders above $499. Mr. Green further added, “We are one of the top jewelry wholesalers in Houston and its surrounding areas. Numerous jewelry shops choose us for our transparency, extensive collection, volume discounts, and timely delivery.“

About the Company

We Silver Jewels is a popular online jewelry store that wholesales 925 sterling silver jewelry products at cheap rates.

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