The cumulative number of corona 19 infected people in Korea has exceeded 20,000, but the infection is unlikely to break. Mutations such as the GH virus, which is up to 9.3 times more infectious than the beginning of this year, have already been confirmed among over 1,000 infected people from the First Church of Ai. In addition to this, amid growing anxiety such as re-infection cases appearing one after another in the world, worldwide attention is focused on the development of a therapeutic plasma therapy for the completely cured patient, which is known to be the most reliable treatment method. I am. 

In Korea, last April, a team of professor Choi Joon-young from Severance Hospital revealed that there was a clear therapeutic effect as a result of plasma treatment of two patients with severe corona 19 in parallel with complete cure. I gathered.

Plasma means a liquid component that excludes red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets from blood. The reason why attention is paid to plasma in the convalescent stage of a fully cured person is that the hypothesis that there is a "neutralizing antibody" that suppresses the growth of the virus in plasma has been accepted. In addition, if a large amount of immunoglobulin can be extracted from the plasma of a completely cured person, the development of a therapeutic agent is possible.

Recently, a plasma therapeutic agent approved by the US FDA has been released, but it has a completely different character from the plasma therapeutic agent currently being developed in Korea. The FDA-approved plasma therapeutic agent is a principle that neutralizes the virus that causes infections by immune antibodies in the blood of convalescent patients. Administer to Some argue that there is insufficient scientific evidence regarding plasma therapy, as some have not been reported.

On the other hand, the plasma therapeutic agent currently under development at GC Green Cross is a drug made with a “high immunoglobulin” preparation in which immune proteins such as antibodies are extracted and fractionated and concentrated from plasma in the blood of a completely healed person. It's a real cure. The most important thing in the realization of such plasma treatment is "donation of plasma for a large number of healers". This is because meaningful antibodies can be obtained in research and treatment only by providing antibodies through a large number of blood donations.

Fortunately, the development of therapeutic agents will soon be realized by the active donation of plasma by the Shintenchi believers who suffered from Corona 19. Following July, an additional group plasma donation of 1100 completely cured patients from Shintenchi was carried out from August 27, resulting in a total of more than 1700 plasma donations from Shintenchi alone. Against this, the Central Epidemic Countermeasures Headquarters once again expressed appreciation for the donation of group plasma by the Shintenchi people.

The plasma therapeutic agent being developed by the Green Cross has already been approved by the Food and Drug Safety Administration for a clinical two-bed study with the help of the previous Shincheonji primary plasma donors and general plasma donors. From September, the corresponding therapeutic agent will undergo a two-bed clinical trial in 19 corona patients at 6 hospitals such as Samsung Seoul Hospital.

In general, new drugs such as vaccines are used in a single-bed clinical trial in a small number of healthy subjects, in two beds to investigate the therapeutic effect by administering to target patients, and whether a large number of vaccinated persons will be harmed. Registration and approval will occur after the final three-bed clinical trial to be validated.





[天地日報=パク・ソナ記者] 韓国国内のコロナ19の累積感染者が2万名を突破しましたが、感染推移は折れそうにありません。既に1千名を超えた愛の第一教会発の感染者などからは今年の初めより最大9.3倍感染力が高いGH型ウィルスが確認されるなどの変異が続いています。これに加えて、世界的に再感染事例が続々と現れるなど、不安感が高まる中で、最も確実な治療法と知られている完治者の血漿治療剤の開発に全世界の関心が集中しています。 
















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