In a move to reach out to a larger number of customers and  to give their product a boost, Wilson & Miller have launched their new BBQ tool set – Wilson & Miller patriot’s BBQ tool set at Amazon recently. Terming the move as a highly anticipated moment, the company's spokesperson said that they had been planning this and had been waiting for this momentfor quite sometime now.

“We are happy to launch our product at Amazon, we love Amazon” a company official tweeted. “We hope our product gets noticed and reach out to a large number of potential customers as much aswe anticipated” another official tweeted.

“Who doesn't love barbecue?  Who doesn't want to own a barbecue tool set? Everybody loves barbecue and everybody wants to have their own BBQ tool set so they can organize their own little barbecue party whenever they want. This is why we bring to you the most essential BBQ tool set” the company's spokesperson said on the occasion.

“The company aims to reach out to every customer out there. Online shopping has not only become a trend today but people prefer it more as they can shop online from the comforts of their own homes. And that is exactly why we decided to take a step forward too” the spokesperson further added. The spokesperson later talked about how their BBQ tool set was outstanding.

Considering the BBQ set availability in Amazon a major breakthrough for the company, the company is pretty sure their customers would love their product given its world class materials and considering the way it was designed for the most convenient barbecue preparation. The company also plans to bring more products in the days to come according to a source. “This is the tip of an iceberg. We plan to bring in more products.” The source was quoted saying.  For moreinformation please visit

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Wilson & Miller is a company which manufactures kitchen wares and stuffs. Their latest accomplishment – the BBQ tool set is up on Amazon. They manufacture world class products made from the finest raw materials.

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