17, November 2014: Recently, BDO, an accounting Chicago firm stated that they will be expanding their business to Ohio. They want to get into a partnership with SS&G-Ohio based firm. This merger has been termed to be the biggest since the BDO firm was started in the early 1900s. 

The merger is expected to see an addition of around 375 people and an additional 36 partners. The terms of the merger have not been disclosed but it is expected that the partnership will take effect on January 1st 2015. 

In the past two years, BDO has seen a tremendous growth reporting a 22% increase in the revenue. From all indication, BDO is a successful accounting firm and one that you may want to work for. Working for a big accounting Chicago firm has its own advantages; 

* Prestige; the firm is recognized both locally and internationally. 

* You will receive a lot of training to make you suitable to the ever growing market. 

* You will get exposure; take for example BDO, it has offices in other cities Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Texas, Pittsburgh, Fort Worth and in the near future Ohio. Working for them will give you an opportunity to interact with other likeminded people. 

* Marketable; you will become highly marketable after working for such a big accounting Chicago firm. 

* Specialization; you will be required to determine your area of expertise and follow that path. In a big firm, you will be given the opportunity to practice an increase your skills.