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Graham Chiropractic Louisville Begins New Back Pain Clinic

Louisville Graham Chiropractic will hold a second low back pain workshop. This workshop will be held Tuesday evenings at 7-8pm at the office of Graham Chiropractic.

This is the second weekly low back pain workshop that is held at Dr. Stephen Graham's.  Graham Chiropractic is located at 205 Moser Road in east end Louisville.

The workshop will primarily be centered around what optimal architecture is of the lumbar spine.  Dr. Graham will discuss what the proper should be in the both the lumbar spine and the sacrum.  Conversely, he will show examples of what destructive forces will come into play in the discs, the spinal bones and the joints of the lower lumbar spine (low back). 

He will also review different specific exercises that someone can do to help get those angles as close to the optimal positions as possible. Chiropractor Graham's workshop is hands on so everyone will have an opportunity to do these exercises with Dr. Graham. 

In addition to the information about back pain, physiology, and exercise, he will hand out a summary of the class including the top three exercises to avoid low back pain.

This is a public service of Graham Chiropractic so anyone can come and it is absolutely free.

About: Because of Dr. Grahams own personal history, he has a real passion for correcting back pain and is especially sympathetic towards those people who are struggling with back-related health issues.

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