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Single Trip Travel Insurance At Unbeatable Prices!

Now is the time to travel. The economy is looking up, more of the world is within reach than ever before, and people are beginning to understand the value of taking time and recharging their batteries, exploring the unknown and simply enjoying life. But even with all these positive aspects to travelling, it is wise to ensure that a trip is covered in case something unexpected comes up. And, although there are more reasons than ever to travel, there is also a wide array of considerations to be understood and possibly accounted for when looking at insurance.

One thing that can be avoided when organising a holiday is the overwhelming cost of some travel insurance. With Insuremore’s single trip travel insurance prices start as low as under five pounds for a single journey, effectively taking the hassle out of getting single trip travel insurance and providing the safety net needed in case something happens.

Want to be covered for acts of God, terrorism, lost luggage, injury, illness and more? With Insuremore’s comprehensive single trip travel insurance you can be assured that each of these possibilities is covered and has not cost a fortune. With an average cost of around ten pounds, coverage is a cost-effective way to get peace of mind before, during and after returning home.

In addition to the basic cover that Insuremore offers for their single trip travel insurance they also provide free kids cover, free cover of golf equipment, cruises, and much more. A traveller would be hard-pressed to find a better deal on single trip coverage anywhere on the high street.

To learn more about how to get the best deals for single trip travel insurance from Insuremore, contact them on 0844 567 5028 or visit their website at www.insuremore.co.uk.


Insuremore is a UK based company that specialises in providing travel insurance plans like single trip travel insurance and yearly coverage. To learn more about their services visit their website at: www.insuremore.co.uk .

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