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The New PimpDroid Offers Unique & Free Android Live Wallpapers of Finest Quality

Austria, November 30, 2013: The website Live Wallpaper Android demonstrates that the company offers a wide range of Live Wallpaper for free of cost or at very low prices. One can choose from various categories like Best Live Wallpapers, Latest Live Wallpapers and other Free Live Wallpapers depending on the needs and requirements. PimpDroid has adopted various design guidelines when generating such wallpapers and a person can select among these due to many reasons.

As per the website, the company avoids making use of bright colors for the big areas. The apps developed by them inherit code instructions for redrawing the changed areas on the screen. It even offers configuration options so that the users can set the best parameters of their devices in terms of animation quality and performance. One can save more energy by setting the reduced animation speed, for example. The wallpapers are designed with the advanced technology and are of the finest quality.

The website affirms that one can attain amazing Falling leafs live wallpaper in high resolution for Android phones. The features of this wallpaper include autumn leaves drifting across the screen, Bokeh lens effect, different falling speed, various kinds of leaves, moving leaves by tapping on them, superb HD background images, no air push or annoying ads and the option to choose one’s favorite image(s). This is well suited to people who carry tablets and Smartphones. The quality of the wallpaper is superb and can be easily used on Android devices. It has been appreciated among the masses and holds a good position in the market.

According to the website, one can grab interesting and remarkable Autumn Live Wallpaper wherein falling autumn leaves are seen rustling inside the house built in the woods. This great and superb wallpaper depicts a romantic scenery. The falling leaves make one’s screen look more vivid. The leaves can be moved easily by just touching the screen and the touch can even create wind thereby pushing the leaves to fly. This app includes six different types of leaves falling on the background, auto change option and sound facility.

In the real sense, it offers a wide range of selections for an Android user and one can choose and select from the wide range of wallpapers by logging on to the website http://live-wallpaper-android.com/ .

About PimpDroid

PimpDroid is a team of experienced developers who specialize on the live wallpapers and device personalization features for Android phones. The company offers the best backgrounds, wallpapers, apps and user interfaces. The resources and apps provided by them make the devices look stylish and unique. The products are of the finest quality offered either at lowest price or free of cost.

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