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Private Donations Fund Plumbing Contractor Hire For Virginia Charity

A plumbing contractor has been hired to undertake planned plumbing renewal work at the headquarters of the New River Community Action charity, in Floyd County, Virginia. The charity has been awarded two separate grants by federal entities, but they only apply to certain sections of the building, justifying the need for private aid to cover the other areas identifided for renewal.

The two grants awarded to the charity come from the US Department of Health and Human Services and the US Department of Agriculture. They are worth $112,057 and $24,750, respectively, and are to go towards renovation of the Head Start area of the NRCA’s headquarters, at 323 Floyd Highway South. The funds will be used not only to improve the facilities, but also to purchase new furniture and equipment, in order to make that portion of the charity’s main building as modern as possible.

However, the Head Start section was not the only one scheduled for renewal. The New River Community Action charity also plans to undertake work on their ceiling and insulation, which are damaged, as well as the plumbing and landscaping. These renovations are to be made possible through a mixture of volunteer work and private donations made directly to the charity. While a professional plumbing contractor should be hired to deal with the piping and plumbing, volunteers from Virginia Tech’s Residential Honors College and Landscape Architecture Department will be taking care of the landscaping for the new Head Start playground, while Willow Springs Tree Farm offered to handle the rest of the landscaping and students from Floyd County High School’s Construction Arts Class will be teaming with volunteers from Floyd Moose Lodge to repair the ceiling and insulation.

NRCA’s home base building is planned to re-open in 2014, when a new Head Start class for three-year-old children will also be inaugurated. The new classroom is expected to serve seventeen new pupils, in addition to the fourteen four-year-olds currently enrolled in Floyd Elementary School and eight children from the charity’s home-based programme.

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