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Stroller Organizer by Freddie and Sebbie: The Perfect Present For Any Parent With Young Children

04 December, 2013: Freddie and Sebbie is a company named for twins. Their fathers went into business together to make products for parents. Each product is designed to make life easier, simpler and cleaner.

So far they have a outdoor blanket, stroller clips, car seat protector and kick mats which slips over the back of a car seat.

Their stroller items are some of the most popular products. Parents with small children know that strollers are mobile catchalls that are changing area, bed, toy box, bottle and formula storage, clothes hamper and more.

Once a stroller is packed with everything for the baby, there is virtually no room left for a parent to place anything such as a purse, drink or cell phone.

Anyone who has children knows how hard it can be taking them and a stroller. Packing all of the necessary items for the child is a task. This is where the dads of Freddie and Sebbie decided to make products that work for parents and children.

The dads have spent a small fortune on baby items over the years and each one of them was missing something that would have made their lives much easier.

Neil Speight, one of the co-founders of the company, had this to say about their latest product, “Most of what we have made to this point has been for the child specifically. The parents were left out. Finally, the new stroller organizer came to us, and we are passing that along to our customers.”

Borrowing from the center consoles of everyday family cars, sedans, suvs and the like, Freddie and Sebbie’s Stroller Organizer a parent’s answer for their needs on a stroller. Featuring two cup holders for drinks, bottles and sip cups plus ample room for cell phones, wallets and other important items, the Stroller Organizer is the answer many parents have been looking for.

“Too often parents are struggling to carry their belongings while juggling the needs of the child as well. This organizer has taken much of that headache out of the situation and allows the parent to enjoy the time with their children in the stroller,” said Neil Speight.

Designed with the parent in mind, the stroller organizer fits easily over the handles of virtually any stroller and the strong Velcro and reinforced zipper compartments mean secure storage.

“There is no such thing as too much storage for a stroller,” quipped Neil Speight.

Best of all, the Stroller Organizer is sold exclusively through Amazon.com.

Free shipping, excellent customer service and the best SSL secure site shopping experience on the Internet is all available through Amazon.com.

“This organizer is the perfect gift for any parent of young children this holiday season,” said Neil Speight.

Additional information with reviews from users and how to order is available on the Amazon.com page. Visit http://www.amazon.com/Stroller-Organizer-Guaranteed-Accessories-Investment/dp/B00CKYPV08/ to learn more.

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