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Badkamerwinkel’s two in one bath décor pieces turning into a hit among urban dwellers.

06 December, 2013: Over the years, the urban population, driven by career and a fast life, has found itself in want of solace and peace. Gone are the days when one could take a walk in the park and find peace. Even parks have become commercialized and hence crowded. Experience over the years has shown that most people find it possible to unwind only in the bathrooms.

Bathrooms are no longer just places to cleanup and attend to nature’s call. These have become places where people can enjoy a long warm bath and unwind after a long hard day at work. Bathrooms have turned into home spas. Most urban inhabitants will admit to the fact that the bathroom is the only place in the house that provides this sense of calm form the hustle and bustle of the family.

Badkamerwinkel has become that ultimate one stop where customers can get everything that is needed to make the best bathrooms. The modern urbanite’s bathroom is spacious and built with only those décor that combines genius with beauty. This bathroom shop offers an exhaustive range of baths that includes bathroom furniture, faucets, showers, basins, toilets, accessories and many more. This online store stands apart from the rest with its unique pieces. Each décor item at this store is designed to serve two purposes if not more. For example, every piece of accessory is not just designed to be kept as a décor but it actually serves a purpose. A toilet roll holder looks more like a mosaic on the wall. Almost all badkamer’s bathtubs come fully equipped to provide a spa like experience. An average badkamer bathtub has enough space for a wine glass, wine bottle, scented candles, and other accessories.

The store is notoriously popular for its weekly deals. Its top quality bathroom range is all available at great deals every week. Shoppers can keep an eye on the discount day and take advantage of it. For more information please go to http://badkamerwinkel.nl


badkamerwinkel is not just a store for bathroom range. It is dedicated to provide customers and interior designers with the décor that they need. Its dedication to customers is reflected in its attempt to provide personal customer service for tips like plumbing, decorating, etc.

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